Natural Treatment for
Periodontal Gum Disease
- A testimonial to a real cure for gum problems -
Natural Treatment for Gum Disease

Natural Treatment for Gum Disease

I wish I had discovered this product years ago. OraMD is a combination of three natural oils that treat receding gums, gingivitis and periodontal gum disease. I use it and it works. This website is my testimonial to a natural remedy for gum disease that could have saved me many expensive dental bills and a few pulled teeth. I hope to convince you to try OraMD before you lose your teeth or to save your remaining teeth, as in my case.

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natural gum disease remedy

I have suffered with chronic periodontal disease for many years. I've had periodontal surgery to try and correct deep pockets and bone loss. Since the surgery I've maintained my oral hygiene religiously, visiting my dentist for teeth cleanings 4 times a year, using a tapered brush between my teeth for a more thorough flossing, religiously brushing my teeth, and yet, when a tooth begins to ache the dentist pulls it without trying to remedy the situation. Why? The bone loss is so bad he feels the tooth would continue to give me problems.

My dentist informed me I have chronic periodontal disease and my only defense is regular dental maintenance. But the dentist warned there is  no guarantee against  more tooth loss. Expensive implants or dentures is not what I want. I want to keep my own teeth. I searched for an alternative solution because conventional medicine held no answers.

I had to find the answer to gaining control over my tooth loss. I searched and found OraMD . I had nothing to lose [but more teeth!] so I tried it.

I am excited about this product and surprised by how effective OraMD really is. In the weeks I've used this treatment the bleeding around my troubled molars has stopped despite the very deep pockets and bone loss. The gum tissue looks pink and healthy, not red and puffy. I have since visited my dentist for a cleaning. After the cleaning the dental hygienist said to keep doing whatever it was I was doing, that my mouth looked great, and the dentist concord.

Yes, it was a bit scary at first to give up toothpaste and  mouthwash, using only OraMD, but I'm very happy that I tried this  treatment. Since it works this well on me, a person with chronic periodontal disease, then please try OraMD if you have bleeding gums or gingivitis before your problem becomes more serious.

Discover how you can effectively end bleeding gums, gingivitis and gum disease. Trusted Health Products, Inc. says this is the best product of it's kind anywhere and they offer a no hassle 100% guarantee. Trusted Health Products shipped my orders very fast and followed up with more advice on the use of their product. They have the best customer service of just about any company I have ever dealt with. I'm extremely happy with their service.
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Trusted Health Products, Inc says:
A natural treatment for gum disease and bad breath is highly sought after. OraMD is the first all natural, highly effective dental care product created for total teeth and gum health, as well as overall dental hygiene. People are looking for the cure and treatment of gum disease, gingivitis, receding gums, bleeding gums and bad breath because no one wants to lose their teeth. OraMD tackles the problems associated with periodontal disease, gingivitis and receding gums and is also an extremely effective chronic bad breath product. Because the ingredients are natural enemies of bacteria, OraMD cleans your mouth and stops halitosis ( bad breath ) in it's tracks.

OraMD is affective against periodontal disease.

Gingivitis is a leading contributor of halitosis, and by eliminating the bacteria in your mouth that causes gingivitis and periodontal disease, you can stop halitosis too!

This natural product is an outstanding solution for gum disease, gingivitis and bleeding gums because by eliminating the problem bacteria, you also root out the cause of chronic bad breath. Effectively killing two birds with one stone.

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natural gum disease remedy

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