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Reality Altering Encounter



[ Please visit Ernest Moyer’s website for his take on this fascinating photograph taken from the movie clips he was sent by his friend in Mexico. You can view the movies on Moyer’s website. I haven’t a clue as to what this photograph reveals, other than it is an object within the white light range, something visible to the human eye.

I suspect the universe is a far different place than what any one of us perceives it to be, no matter your religion or world view. I suspect that while we live out our short lives on this small globe, we will not be able to approach with any certainty an accurate interpretation of reality. We are, in the end, left with nothing but our faith in God if we happen to be religious, and with nothing at all if we are materialists.]

Quotes from Ernest Moyer's website 'The Moyer Papers'

"...a young man from Mexico City befriended me. His name is Luis Marco Figueroa Conde. We exchanged many emails and shared in sympathetic understanding about events now unfolding upon our world. He informed another acquaintance about me, Arturo Robles Gil, also from Mexico City, who contacted me on January 15, 2006. Arturo runs a photo business, and was on vacation with his family in Acapulco on that date. From there he sent me many still photo shots of strange objects in the air that he had captured with a video camera... When he returned home to Mexico City on January 19 he sent me full video clips.

I was keenly interested in the first movie clip because it showed an odd "worm-like" object in the air, surrounded by and spewing forth small "spherical" objects.

But it was not until Arturo sent me another movie clip on January 30 that I was truly awed. It showed a large number, perhaps 500 or more, of small spherical objects holding apparent formation over Mexico City. My immediate reaction when I saw the clip was:

"The angels are gathering."

...I had fleeting doubts about the video. Perhaps it was merely a shot of a massive numbers of balloons, no matter how difficult such a thing might be. But then I learned of another movie clip from a completely different person, Rich Giordano in Phoenix, Arizona. On the same date he also captured a similar flotilla of small spherical objects over his home in that city. His web site is

I now had no doubts about the witness of the two men."