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Alien/UFO Pictures

A collection of actual photographs and computer generated art dealing with the subject of extraterrestrials and cosmic phenomena.

Is this a real alien autopsy or a hoax?

Is this the face of a dead alien or a clever latex model?

This one is a bit gory. If it isn't real, it is a very convincing hoax. But in today's world of cgi and skillful special effects artists, we are used to seeing the fake look real.

Here is our secret government photo of a crashed flying saucer that also appears on "The Alien Zone" page. Yes, it is faked. Lightwave, Photoshop and Bryce were used in its creation.

Silver flying saucer disks hovering over a planet in another solar system.

Here is Stephen Beam's art for a video game called MAX 2. It features an evil, crustaceous alien.

Is this the teddy bear of an alien child? Possibly an alien family visited earth while on a cosmic vacation and accidentally left behind this alien teddy bear!