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THE ALIEN ZONE - UFO and ET information

THE ALIEN ZONE - UFO and ET information

This Alien information website contains articles, pictures and an Amazon associate bookstore on flying saucer subjects to enhance your extraterrestrial education. We will be constantly updating this site and invite you to submit your stories or pictures for publication. Your personal encounters with UFOs or aliens are welcome, simply use the mailform to send us your information and we will be in contact.

We are interested in the unusual and intense UFO encounters, an encounter that has altered your life and sense of reality. We don't presume a UFO is an alien craft from another world. We just don't know. Are they vehicles from the past or future - some sort of time machines? Are they objects traveling between dimensions? Or are they something entirely different that has not yet even been thought of in the minds of men?

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UFO battle

This quote from The Urantia Book describes ETs, the reason for our current life and a hint at our destiny:

"All mortal-inhabited worlds are evolutionary in origin and nature. These spheres are the spawning ground, the evolutionary cradle, of the mortal races of time and space. Each unit of the ascendant life is a veritable training school for the stage of existence just ahead, and this is true of every stage of man's progressive Paradise ascent; just as true of the initial mortal experience on an evolutionary planet as of the final universe headquarters school of the Melchizedeks, a school which is not attended by ascending mortals until just before their translation to the regime of the superuniverse and the attainment of first-stage spirit existence."

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crashed flying saucer

Secret government photo of a crashed flying saucer. Just kidding!